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Time Between Crime Occurrence and Submission of Evidence

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Time Between Crime Occurrence and Submission of Evidence

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This phase typically involves one or more law enforcement agencies actively collecting physical evidence, conducting interviews, developing leads, etc.2,3

Depending on the case situation and services provided by the local laboratory, there may be considerable coordination between law enforcement and laboratory personnel. Some laboratories provide on-site crime scene assistance, which requires analysts to function outside of the laboratory. Other situations involve telephone or in-person conferences. All of these activities are critical to the proper prioritization of evidence and laboratory requests.

2 Example of evidence submission criteria for a forensic laboratory: Ohio State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory Agency Submission Guidelines Criteria for Evidence Submission PDF download: 164kB • Visit the Ohio State Highway Patrol »
3 Delaware Department of Health and Social Services Office of the Chief Medical Examiner Forensic Sciences Laboratory: Guidelines for the Collection and Submission of Forensic Evidence PDF download: 2.3MB

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