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NIJ "Five Things" Series

The "Five Things" series distills what we know from years of rigorous scientific inquiry. It summarizes an abundance of research, analysis, testing and evaluation so you can see how science applies to the decisions you make every day in the field.

Use the Five Things to advance justice and safety in your communities, give your decisions greater impact, and lower your costs overall. Read the Five Things or learn more about the research behind them

TitleDate Published
Women and ReentryApril 2024
The Role of Social Networks in Domestic RadicalizationDecember 2023
Community-Based Terrorism Prevention ProgramsDecember 2023
The Role of the Internet and Social Media in Domestic RadicalizationDecember 2023
Individuals Who Engage in Violent Extremism and Similar OffensesDecember 2023
Preventing Mass AttacksOctober 2023
Vaping and E-CigarettesAugust 2023
Teen Dating ViolenceMay 2023
ReentryApril 2023
Mass Shootings in K-12 SchoolsAugust 2022
Juvenile Delinquency Intervention and TreatmentMarch 2022
Substance Abuse InterventionsJanuary 2022
School-Based Violence Prevention and Intervention ProgramsNovember 2021
Violence Against American Indian and Alaska Native Women and MenNovember 2016
DeterrenceJune 2016
Sexual Assault KitsApril 2015
What Law Enforcement Executives Can Do To Make a DifferenceMarch 2013

Date Published: April 15, 2024