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Image of a computer-based graph with several peaks and lows in multiple colors next to a jail cell door.
Pexels and Bertold Werkmann (see reuse policy).

The Data-Informed Jail

A data-informed approach to managing jails can improve operations and outcomes. An NIJ-supported research team worked with administrators, correctional experts, and national associations to identify needs to improve their approach to data-informed decision-making, including leadership, information sharing, collection and analysis, and data application.  

image of a police car, with an officer in the drivers seat, positioned along the road.
ksb/Shutterstock (see reuse policy).

Law Enforcement & Autonomous Vehicles

The autonomous vehicle revolution will reinvent the ways that people and goods are moved, cities and roads are planned, and transportation resources are deployed and conserved. An NIJ-sponsored panel of experts convened and stressed the need for proactive, collaborative problem solving to help law enforcement adapt and prepare for these sweeping changes.

a doctor having a discussion in a medical facility with a child who is dressed in a hospital gown
SDI Productions (see reuse policy).

Defining Pediatric Bruising Patterns

NIJ’s Term of the Month, promotes research-based definitions of criminal justice terms. This month, we’re defining Pediatric Bruising Patterns — Tell-tale bruising patterns in injured children that help physicians and forensic investigators differentiate between accidental injuries and physical abuse.

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Recently Rated by NIJ's CrimeSolutions

Children’s Advocacy Center Model

This program is a multidisciplinary, victim-focused approach designed to improve forensic interviewing and the continuity of care for youth who are victims of sexual abuse and assault. 

Cooperative Learning

This is a group-based learning approach that seeks to enhance peer relations by increasing opportunities for positive social integration between adolescents. 

Alcohol Interventions for College Students

This practice consists of interventions designed to reduce alcohol consumption in college students. Interventions can be delivered face to face or virtually and target different drinking-related behaviors, such as heavy drinking and alcohol expectancies. 

Person holding a pen at an event.
Motorion/iStock (see reuse policy).

The First Step Act

The First Step Act of 2018 aims to reform the federal prison system and reduce recidivism. NIJ is working to assess and develop an existing prisoner risk and needs assessment system, and develop recommendations regarding effective evidence-based recidivism reduction programs and activities.