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Compliant Products List: Ballistic Resistant Body Armor

Find Body Armor Compliant with NIJ Standard 0101.06

NIJ certifies torso-worn ballistic resistant body armor for law enforcement  that complies with the requirements the NIJ Compliance Testing Program (NIJ CTP). The following table presents the list of compliant ballistic-resistant body armor. (Find compliant stab resistant and combo armor.)

Note that NIJ has never tested nor certified ballistic items, such as backpacks, blankets, or briefcases, other than body armor for law enforcement. See DOJ Statement on Claims of NIJ Certification of Ballistic Backpacks.

Are you a criminal justice practitioner or agency representative? Visit PoliceArmor.org for information on body armor selection, use and maintenance; and remember to look for the NIJ mark.

Are you a product manufacturer? Learn about participating in the NIJ CTP