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The National Institute of Justice sponsors criminal court research and court-based program evaluation to identify tools, programs and policies that satisfy criminal justice goals including: public safety, cost-efficiency and fair and equitable treatment of victims and defendants. Our work focuses on four major areas:

  • Court operations and case management — methods for criminal justice administration applicable to diversion, pretrial, and other stages of criminal case processing.
  • Specialized or problem-solving courts — court-based interventions for  persons who come into contact with the criminal justice system, and communities that address substance abuse, mental health, and other criminogenic needs.
  • Adjudication and sentencing — criminal case procedures for judges, prosecutors, defense counsel, and juries from arraignment through trial and sentencing.
  • Forensics and technology — forensic and other scientific technologies that support criminal case processing through information sharing, evidence testing and management, and other investigative and trial functions.

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