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Non-STR DNA Markers: SNPs, Y-STRs, LCN and mtDNA


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Non-STR DNA Markers: SNPs, Y-STRs, LCN and mtDNA

Other DNA Markers & Technologies
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This course provides information in the two lessons.

Other Nuclear DNA Markers and Technologies. Learn the basis of single nucleotide polymorphisms, including the advantages and disadvantages of their use in forensic genetics; the molecular genetics of the Y-chromosome and the applicability of Y-STR analysis in casework; the strategies used to analyze low copy number DNA; and the range of species and genetic markers used in non-human DNA analysis.

Mitochondrial DNA—Non-Nuclear DNA Markers. Learn to recognize the biological functions and contributions of mitochondria, the different features of nDNA and mtDNA, the different test techniques for mtDNA, the significance of mtDNA results for forensic and identity casework, and the current and future mtDNA testing technologies.


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Other Nuclear DNA Markers & Technologies

Mitochondrial DNA—Non-Nuclear DNA Markers