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Firearms Examiner Training


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Welcome to the Firearm Examiner Training website. Information addressed in this interactive training program is delivered in fifteen modules.

If you are a first-time user, it is recommended you pay particular attention to the next few paragraphs to familiarize yourself with the method of instruction.

Opinions or points of view expressed in this report represent a consensus of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.

Taking the Course

Continuing Education Credits
The agencies of the DNA Initiative do not provide continuing education credit for any online courses.

Starting the course. Select the top link in the navigation on the right.

Navigating the course. We recommend you go through the course page-by-page using the Forward and Back buttons at the bottom of the page. You may skip around and select a lesson using the navigation on the right—select the module title to reveal all of the lessons and pages in that module.


Module 01: Introduction
Module 02 : History
Module 03 : Propellants, Ammunition, and Firearms Development
Module 04 : Modern Firearms Manufacture
Module 05 : Small Arms Ammunition
Module 06 : Evidence Handling Procedures
Module 07 : Equipment and Instrumentation
Module 08 : Examination of Firearms
Module 09 : Cartridge and Shotshell Examination
Module 10 : Characterization and Evaluation of Fired Projectiles
Module 11 : Bullet Comparison and Identification
Module 12 : Gunshot Residue and Distance Determination
Module 13 : Toolmark Identification
Module 14 : Communicating Results
Module 15 : Safety