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Term of the Month

Defining Criminal Justice Research

Welcome to NIJ’s Term of the Month. Each month we are featuring a term from our scientific research portfolios informing significant American justice system issues and solutions. 

July 2022 - Deradicalization

Deradicalization refers to an individual’s or group’s disavowal of, or shift away from, extremist beliefs that can support terrorism. The term can also refer to policies, practices, or strategies designed to advance a deradicalization process. Deradicalization is one element of a comprehensive approach to preventing extremist violence.  

NIJ continues to support research on deradicalization and related topics. A 2022 NIJ research solicitation called for “research to better understand the deradicalization and disengagement phenomena. NIJ is particularly interested in understanding factors that promote withdrawal and independence from extremist behaviors, as well as those factors that play a role in encouraging individuals to depart radical ideologies (or at least shift away to less-extreme beliefs).” 

Domestic Extremism: No One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Disengagement From Extremist Activity Beliefs, Study Finds

Empirical Assessment of Domestic Disengagement and Deradicalization (EAD)

Date Created: January 28, 2021