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Active NIJ Standards and Comparative Test Methods

The following table presents active NIJ standards.[1]

Standards are revised on an as-needed basis. You also may review a list of inactive standards, which are no longer supported, updated or revised. 

Active NIJ Standards and Test Protocols
Equipment Number Publisher Status Published
Offender Tracking Systems NIJ Standard-1004.00 NIJ Active 2016
Standard on Respiratory Protection Equipment for Tactical and Technical Operations[2] NFPA 1986 NFPA Active 2017
Public Safety Bomb Suit Standard

NIJ Standard-0117.01
Supersedes NIJ Standard 0117.00

NIJ Active 2016
Criminal Justice Restraints Standard
See also Minimum Scheme Requirements to Certify Criminal Justice Restraints Described in NIJ Standard 1001.00
NIJ Standard 1001.00-Revision A
Supersedes 2014 1001.00
NIJ Active 2019
Standard Practice for Measurement of Body Armor Wearers[3] ASTM E2902 ASTM Active 2012
CBRN Protective Ensemble NIJ Standard-0116.00 NIJ Active,
revision underway
Body Armor — Ballistic Resistance NIJ Standard-0101.06
Supersedes 2005 Interim Requirements and NIJ Standard-0101.04, September 2000
NIJ Active 2008
Body Armor — Stab Resistance NIJ Standard-0115.00 NIJ Active,
selection guide update underway
Ballistic Helmets (pdf, 15 pages) NIJ Standard-0106.01
Supersedes NILECJ-STD-0106.00, September 1975
NIJ Active,
revision underway
Portable Bomb X-Ray NIJ Standard-0603.01 NIJ Active 2007
Handheld Metal Detectors NIJ Standard-0602.02
Supersedes 0602.01, September 2000
NIJ Active, 
revision underway
Walk-Through Metal Detectors NIJ Standard-0601.02
Supersedes NIJ Standard-0601.01, September 2000 and NILECJ-STD-0601.00, June 1974
NIJ Active, 
revision underway
Protective Gloves NIJ Test Protocol 99-114 NIJ Active 1999
Autoloading Pistols NIJ Standard-0112.03, Revision A
Supersedes NIJ Standard-0112.02, January 1995 and NIJ Standard-0112.01, May 1989.
NIJ Active 1999 
Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials (pdf, 16 pages) NIJ Standard-0108.01
Supersedes NILECJ-STD-0103.00, Portable Ballistic Shields, May 1974, and NIJ Standard-0108.00, December 1981
NIJ Active 1985
Riot Helmets and Face Shields (pdf, 19 pages) NIJ Standard-0104.02
Supersedes NIJ Standard-0104.01, August 1980
NIJ Active,
revision underway 
Handheld Tear Gas Weapons (pdf, 16 pages) NIJ Standard-0110.00 NIJ Active 1985
Barrier-Penetrating Tear Gas Munitions (pdf, 18 pages) NIJ Standard-0111.00 NIJ Active 1985
Vehicle Tracking Devices (pdf, 28 pages) NIJ Standard-0223.00M NIJ Active 1986
Rechargeable Batteries for Personal and Portable Transceivers (pdf, 15 pages) NIJ Standard-0211.01
Supersedes NILECJ-STD-0211.00, June 1975
NIJ Active 1995
Hearing Protectors for Use on Firing Ranges (pdf, 18 pages) NILECJ-STD-0102.00 NIJ Active 1973
Drug Reagent Test Kits (pdf, 26 pages) NIJ Standard-0604.01
Supersedes NILECJ-STD-0604.00, December 1978
NIJ Active 2000
Direct Connect Police Annunciator Panels (pdf, 22 pages) NIJ Standard-0320.00 NIJ Active 1986

[note 1] Standards published by other organizations are included in this list if NIJ played a role in their development.

[note 2] This standard was produced by NFPA and is available for purchase form their website. Brian Montgomery, an Engineer in the NIJ Office of Science and Technology, served as Chair for the Tactical and Technical Operations Respiratory Protection Equipment Technical Committee.

[note 3] This standard was produced by ASTM and is available for purchase from their website. NIJ staff served on the developing subcommittee.

Date Created: August 14, 2019