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Active NIJ Standards and Comparative Test Methods

The following table presents active NIJ standards.[1]

Standards are revised on an as-needed basis. You also may review a list of inactive standards, which are no longer supported, updated or revised. 

Active NIJ Standards and Test Protocols
Equipment Number Publisher Status Published
Offender Tracking Systems NIJ Standard-1004.00 NIJ Active 2016
Standard on Respiratory Protection Equipment for Tactical and Technical Operations[2] NFPA 1986 NFPA Active 2017
Public Safety Bomb Suit Standard

NIJ Standard-0117.01
Supersedes NIJ Standard 0117.00

NIJ Active 2016
Criminal Justice Restraints Standard
See also Minimum Scheme Requirements to Certify Criminal Justice Restraints Described in NIJ Standard 1001.00
NIJ Standard 1001.00-Revision A
Supersedes 2014 1001.00
NIJ Active 2019
Standard Practice for Measurement of Body Armor Wearers[3] ASTM E3003-20 ASTM Active 2012
CBRN Protective Ensemble NIJ Standard-0116.00 NIJ Active,
revision underway
Body Armor — Ballistic Resistance NIJ Standard-0101.06
Supersedes 2005 Interim Requirements and NIJ Standard-0101.04, September 2000
NIJ Active 2008
Body Armor — Stab Resistance NIJ Standard-0115.00 NIJ Active,
selection guide update underway
Ballistic Helmets (pdf, 15 pages) NIJ Standard-0106.01
Supersedes NILECJ-STD-0106.00, September 1975
NIJ Active,
revision underway
Portable Bomb X-Ray NIJ Standard-0603.01 NIJ Active 2007
Handheld Metal Detectors NIJ Standard-0602.02
Supersedes 0602.01, September 2000
NIJ Active, 
revision underway
Walk-Through Metal Detectors NIJ Standard-0601.02
Supersedes NIJ Standard-0601.01, September 2000 and NILECJ-STD-0601.00, June 1974
NIJ Active, 
revision underway
Protective Gloves NIJ Test Protocol 99-114 NIJ Active 1999
Autoloading Pistols NIJ Standard-0112.03, Revision A
Supersedes NIJ Standard-0112.02, January 1995 and NIJ Standard-0112.01, May 1989.
NIJ Active 1999 
Ballistic Resistant Protective Materials (pdf, 16 pages) NIJ Standard-0108.01
Supersedes NILECJ-STD-0103.00, Portable Ballistic Shields, May 1974, and NIJ Standard-0108.00, December 1981
NIJ Active 1985
Riot Helmets and Face Shields (pdf, 19 pages) NIJ Standard-0104.02
Supersedes NIJ Standard-0104.01, August 1980
NIJ Active,
revision underway 
Handheld Tear Gas Weapons (pdf, 16 pages) NIJ Standard-0110.00 NIJ Active 1985
Barrier-Penetrating Tear Gas Munitions (pdf, 18 pages) NIJ Standard-0111.00 NIJ Active 1985
Vehicle Tracking Devices (pdf, 28 pages) NIJ Standard-0223.00M NIJ Active 1986
Rechargeable Batteries for Personal and Portable Transceivers (pdf, 15 pages) NIJ Standard-0211.01
Supersedes NILECJ-STD-0211.00, June 1975
NIJ Active 1995
Hearing Protectors for Use on Firing Ranges (pdf, 18 pages) NILECJ-STD-0102.00 NIJ Active 1973
Drug Reagent Test Kits (pdf, 26 pages) NIJ Standard-0604.01
Supersedes NILECJ-STD-0604.00, December 1978
NIJ Active 2000
Direct Connect Police Annunciator Panels (pdf, 22 pages) NIJ Standard-0320.00 NIJ Active 1986

Date Published: February 2, 2020