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Situational Approaches to Making Communities and Correction Institutions Safer

Winnie Reed, Director, Crime Control and Prevention Research Division, Office of Research and Evaluation, National Institute of Justice, Washington D.C.; Nancy G. La Vigne, Director, Justice Policy Institute, Urban Institute, Washington D.C.; Gary Wedge, Captain, Administrative Services Division, Chula Vista Police Department, Calif.; Tara H. Wildes, Chief, Jails Division, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Fla.

NIJ Conference panelists will present the results of three studies that applied situational crime prevention (SCP) principles: (1) an evaluation of the Safe City initiative in Chula Vista, Calif., designed to combine the expertise and resources of local law enforcement, retailers and the community to increase the safety of designated retail areas; (2) a randomized controlled trial (in partnership with the Washington Metro Transit Police) that assessed the effectiveness of SCP to reduce car crime in Metro's parking facilities; and (3) an evaluation of the impact of SCP on preventing sexual assaults and inmate misconduct in a jail setting. Panelists will also discuss the studies' implications for theory, policy and practice.

Date Published: June 1, 2010