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DNA - A Prosecutor’s Practice Notebook Inventory

Redirect and Rebuttal

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Introduction to Redirect and Rebuttal

Redirect of the prosecution analyst and rebuttal constitute the prosecutor's opportunity to reaffirm the integrity of the DNA evidence after it has been challenged by the defense. Redirect and rebuttal do not stand alone but accomplish their goals through two primary strategies which are echoed throughout the trial:

  • Winning the battle of the evidence:
    The prosecution establishes that the state’s DNA analyst is better qualified, trained, and experienced in forensic DNA typing than is the defense expert witness and thus the state’s DNA analyst’s opinion is more credible. 
  • Showing the jury how the DNA evidence proves the prosecution's theory of the case:
    The prosecution describes the link between the DNA evidence and the non-DNA evidence and reiterates these links throughout the case.

In this topic you will learn about common defense attacks and the strategies for conducting the redirects and rebuttals.

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