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DNA - A Prosecutor’s Practice Notebook Inventory

Information to Elicit from the DNA Analyst

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The prosecutor should elicit the following information from the DNA analyst:

  • Employment history, including all technical positions held in a forensic laboratory and any relevant employment experience with DNA prior to coming to the lab
  • Any special training the DNA analyst has received, both in-house and elsewhere
  • How many times or years the DNA analyst has performed forensic DNA analysis
  • The system of proficiency testing the expert routinely undergoes to remain qualified as an analyst
  • Any writings or publications the DNA analyst has done
  • Any professional associations to which the DNA analyst belongs
  • Any seminars in their field they have attended
  • Any research in their field they have conducted
  • Any teaching experience or instructional presentations the DNA analyst has given
  • Any professional awards or commendations the DNA analyst has received
  • How many times and in what jurisdictions the DNA analyst has been previously qualified as an expert witness

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