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Law 101: Legal Guide for the Forensic Expert

Rule 15

Rule 15 is typical of the FRCrimP, which holds that depositions may be taken if exceptional circumstances are shown, and specifies what objects the defendant may obtain under criminal procedures disclosure rules:

  • Police arrest and crime or offense reports.
  • Statements of witnesses.
  • Statements of the accused.
  • Grand jury transcripts (in some jurisdictions).
  • Tangible evidence.
  • Results of physical, mental and scientific tests.
  • Results of experiments or comparisons.
  • Books, papers, documents, photographs, or other tangible things that will be used as evidence in the case.
  • Record of prior criminal convictions of the accused or co-defendant.
  • Tapes and transcripts of electronic surveillance.

In addition, the following materials may be produced only by court order:   

  • Material in possession of other governmental agencies.
  • Defendant's expert reports or statements.
  • Physical or mental examination of the defendant or other witnesses.
  • Scientific experiments or comparisons.

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