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Law 101: Legal Guide for the Forensic Expert


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After completing Discovery, the user should know:

  • That preparation of a discovery packet in response to a filed request is dependent on the court order.

  • That a discovery request may include discovery pertaining to a lab, a university, or employer documents, including:
    • Accreditation documentation.
    • Conformance with discipline guidelines.
    • Accreditation requirements.
    • Available equipment.
    • Policies and procedures.
    • Protocols.
    • Quality assurance and quality control records for lab (e.g., calibration records for equipment, validation records for reagents, temperature logs).
    • Listing or explanation of requested documents not to be released by the lab.
    • Reference to a standard discovery request (e.g., CD, sample request).
  • To confirm that all requisite documents have been provided to appropriate parties.

  • To ensure that documents are current and complete.

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