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State DNA Index System (SDIS)

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State DNA Index System (SDIS)

illustration of how state and local databases are related
National Institute of Justice (NIJ) (see reuse policy).

The state database (e.g., Florida Department of Law Enforcement—Tallahassee laboratory) contains forensic profiles from all of the local laboratories in the state, plus the forensic profiles analyzed by the state laboratory itself. The state database may also contain the DNA profiles of convicted persons and arrestees, depending on the particular state's database laws.

Each state can set its own state policies, data entry or search schedules, and other activities for the use of CODIS within that state. For example, to be eligible for upload to the NDIS level, a forensic evidence DNA profile is required to have results at 10 or more of the specific CODIS core loci. A state could establish a policy where only six or more of the specific CODIS core loci are necessary for upload at the SDIS level; such state profiles would not be eligible to upload to the NDIS level.

The FBI is responsible for all DNA profiles entered and searched at the NDIS level. States seeking to participate at the NDIS level sign a memorandum of understanding with the FBI Laboratory documenting their agreement to abide by the DNA Identification Act requirements, as well as record-keeping and other operational procedures governing the uploading of DNA data, expungements, CODIS users, audits, etc.

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