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NDIS Procedures Board

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NDIS Procedures Board

The NDIS Procedures Board is responsible for the development and modification of policy regarding the use of NDIS. This Board is composed of representatives from federal, state and local laboratories. State or local laboratories that contribute DNA profiles to NDIS must comply with NDIS procedures, which are posted on the CJIS-WAN CODIS website. The NDIS procedures provide details regarding the acceptance of DNA profiles at the national level. 

CODIS State Administrators

Each local laboratory is required to have a designated person act as the CODIS Administrator. This person is responsible for the laboratory's CODIS data and serves as the primary point of contact for CODIS issues in that laboratory.

Each state has a designated CODIS State Administrator, who serves as the CODIS point of contact for the state and is responsible for coordinating and communicating with all the CODIS administrators in the local laboratories regarding CODIS issues. CODIS State Administrators also serve as gatekeepers for uploading the data from that state into NDIS. CODIS State Administrators meet twice annually at a meeting sponsored by the FBI to discuss CODIS topics such as:

  • Legal developments and procedures
  • CODIS software upgrades and modifications
  • Exchange of information and CODIS experiences

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