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DNA Amplification for Forensic Analysts


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In the United States, the development of Y-STR core loci has followed a pattern similar to the development of the CODIS core STR loci. The Scientific Working Group for DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM) created a subcommittee to investigate Y-STRs. The subcommittee reviewed published data and ran several hundred population database samples to evaluate various loci.

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The subcommittee established the following 11 loci as the core Y-STR loci: 

  • DYS19
  • DYS385 A/B
  • DYS389I
  • DYS389II
  • DYS390
  • DYS391
  • DYS392
  • DYS393
  • DYS438
  • DYS439
  • DYS1908

With the establishment of the core loci, manufacturers have the specifications needed for the development of Y-STR kits

European laboratories have also established core Y-STR loci for forensic testing. ENFSI decided to use the same loci as the United States, minus DYS438 and DYS439.09

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