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DNA Amplification for Forensic Analysts


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Promega continued to offer their original PowerPlex® 1.X kit and developed a second kit, PowerPlex® 2.1 (highlighted loci are included in both kits).

Comparison of Promega Kits

PowerPlex® 1.XPowerPlex® 2.1
 Penta E

The combination of these two PowerPlex® kits provides a degree of overlap (vWA, TPOX, THO1) and adds an additional locus, Penta E.

Promega PowerPlex 1.1
National Institute of Justice (see reuse policy).
Promega PowerPlex 2.1
National Institute of Justice (see reuse policy).
Promega PowerPlex 1.1Promega PowerPlex 2.1

Applied Biosystems and Promega use different primer sets in their kits. This can be an advantage in detecting apparent null alleles caused by primer site mutations.02 Although the occurrence of discordance between the two manufacturers' kits is rare, it is something that analysts must consider when comparing profiles. An analyst can differentiate between a discordance event and a true exclusion between two samples.

Prior to uploading a sample, any laboratory participating in NDIS at that time was required to attempt to develop results at all 13 core loci and must obtain results at 10 in order to upload the profile. Requiring a minimum of 10 loci reduced the chance of adventitious hits, allowing agencies to focus their resources on more discriminating investigative leads.

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