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Law 101: Legal Guide for the Forensic Expert

Eleven Steps Toward Admissibility

To increase the probability that the expert's tests, experiments, demonstrations and models will be admissible for the courtroom, the expert should follow these steps:

  • Be thoroughly familiar with the facts of the case.
  • Have accurate measurements available.
  • Be familiar with the progression of events that occurred.
  • Use the same materials that were involved in the events.
  • Meticulously track tests or experimental steps.
  • Record the tests or experimental events carefully.
  • Make demonstrations similar to the actual events that occurred.
  • Make models to precise scale.
  • Detail all findings, both positive and negative.
  • Do sufficient research to establish that the test or experimental procedure is scientifically and technically recognized as authoritative.
  • Consult with counsel to ensure the best presentation for admissibility.

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