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Forensic DNA Education for Law Enforcement Decisionmakers

Education for First Responders and Crime Scene Technicians, cont.

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Education for First Responders and Crime Scene Technicians, cont.

In addition to improved decision-making at the scene, a better understanding of laboratory functionality and evidence procedures may help to expedite responses to questions and requests first responders receive from the laboratory.

Forensic science has the greatest benefit to criminal investigations when all parties responding to the scene or involved in the investigation are mindful of how forensic science assists in successfully resolving an investigation.

Through forensic education and initiatives such the DNA Initiative (link below), critical pieces of information and best practices are effectively conveyed to first responder personnel. This knowledge will aid first responders in making critical decisions involving initial interactions with victims and witnesses, and protecting the crime scene.

Visit Law Enforcement Training on NIJ.gov for free online training in DNA collection by first responders at crime scenes.

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