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Funding Concerns

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Interacting With Crime Laboratories

Funding Concerns

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Funding concerns affect every agency and crime laboratory in the country. Addressing these concerns requires the development of a comprehensive approach with best practices that take into consideration the multitude of factors that influence funding and budget allocations. These best practices may include the following:

  • Determine/assess resource needs9,10
  • Identify available funding sources
  • Develop a collective MDT (Multi-Disciplinary Team) to obtain funding that includes local, federal and state law enforcement; prosecution agencies; and local advocacy groups
  • Actively work with local advocacy groups to engage the community
  • Provide an accurate assessment of the backlog and possible remedies
  • Work with the public information office to develop a media strategy
  • Engage the legislature through an active liaison
  • Get involved in the legislative process through understanding earmarked funding, investigative protocols and tracking cold case hits
  • Develop a sustainability strategy and gain organizational commitment to that strategy


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