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Addressing Backlog Issues

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Addressing Backlog Issues

Addressing the issue of backlogs within laboratories and investigative units requires developing open lines of communication between the parties.7 Methods that can be employed to achieve efficient communication include:

  • Conducting multidisciplinary team (MDT)8 meetings (online, via telephone or through e-mail groups)
  • Training between fields: investigators, prosecution, laboratory, medical (medical examiner and sexual assault nurse examiners8), property custodians, advocacy staff, etc.
  • Including communication methods in continuing in-service training modules
  • Identifying MDT roles in the process


7 Richard Williams and Sarah Hammond, Building Forensic Technology Capacity, National Conference of State Legislatures (2009) PDF download: 1.4MB • Visit the National Conference of State Legislatures »
8 "What Does It Take to Make a Collaboration Work? Lessons Learned Through the Criminal Justice System Project", NIJ Publication (2004) PDF download: 284kB • Visit the National Criminal Justice Reference System »

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