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Firearms Examiner Training

Shotgun Slugs

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Shotgun Slugs

Although shotgun slugs may be shown to be consistent with laboratory standards or other evidence items, the level of deformation may be severe, limiting the amount of information.

The steps for this procedure are as follows:

  1. Perform preliminary procedure.
  2. Record the observable physical characteristics.
    • Dimensions.
      1. Measure diameter; use to determine gauge.
      2. Measure length.
    • Measure weight.
    • Design.
      1. Determine composition.
      2. Describe shape (base, nose, etc.).
      3. Describe slug rifling.
  3. Compare physical characteristics with laboratory standards or other evidence items.
  4. Identify individual markings (these are unusual when found).
    • Compare striated marks (if present) with standards fired from the evidence firearm.


Buffer Material

Shot buffer materials may be shown to be consistent with laboratory standards or other evidence items through the following procedure:

  1. Perform preliminary procedures.
  2. Compare all physical characteristics of the evidence buffer materials to the standards of similar manufacture and composition, including
    • color,
    • shape,
    • it may be useful in some cases to enlist the aid of an instrumental chemist in determining the composition of buffer materials.
  3. Examine questioned surface(s) visually and microscopically for the presence of buffer materials. (See Module 12, Gunshot Residue: Examinations).


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