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Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence Program

Realignment of Forensic Capacity Enhancement Programs within the Office of Justice Programs

The Office of Justice Programs has realigned the forensic science capacity enhancement programs to allow components to focus on their strengths and core mission.

NIJ remains a leader within Federal government for forensic science research and development and the Bureau of Justice Assistance will take over administration of all forensic capacity enhancement programs.

This move will enable NIJ scientists to focus on our research portfolios...

Director's Message: Shining Light on Wrongful Convictions

Every wrongful conviction is a miscarriage of justice that impacts every level of our society, often leading to questions about the fairness of the justice system. Wrongful convictions have a life-long impact on individuals who have been wrongfully convicted, the original victims of crime, and their families. To provide the wrongfully convicted an opportunity to prove their innocence through DNA analysis and to  seek justice...

NIJ FY18 Postconviction Testing of DNA Evidence

Closing Date


In fiscal 2020, all state and local forensic capacity enhancement programs previously managed by NIJ moved to the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

The awards made under this solicitation now are being managed by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. To see the complete list of awards, visit the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

NIJ seeks proposals for funding to assist in defraying the costs associated...