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Realignment of Forensic Capacity Enhancement Programs within the Office of Justice Programs


The Office of Justice Programs has realigned the forensic science capacity enhancement programs to allow components to focus on their strengths and core mission.

NIJ remains a leader within Federal government for forensic science research and development and the Bureau of Justice Assistance will take over administration of all forensic capacity enhancement programs.

This move will enable NIJ scientists to focus on our research portfolios and promoting the vital role that forensic science research has in improving the criminal justice system

Which Programs Have Moved?

These programs are:

  • The DNA Capacity Enhancement and Backlog Reduction Program
  • Forensic DNA Laboratory Efficiency Improvement for Capacity Enhancement Program
  • Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program
  • Postconviction DNA Testing Assistance Program
  • Prosecuting Cold Cases using DNA Technology
  • Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence-Inventory, Tracking, and Reporting Program Grant Program
  • Strengthening the Medical Examiner-Coroner System Grant Program

We want to assure organizations who rely on these grant programs to support forensics that staff from BJA and NIJ are working closely with one another to ensure a smooth transition. That includes making sure solicitations are posted and grants are made.

What Happens to Active Awards?

All active awards under these programs now will be managed by BJA. All current grantees have been notified of this change. If you are an active grantee and have questions, contact your grant manager. 

Questions and Contacts

This is a big change and we encourage you to sign up for communications from both the Bureau of Justice Assistance and NIJ. By subscribing, you’ll to be alerted when fiscal year 2020 solicitations are released and for other details on this transition.

If you have general questions about this transition, contact [email protected].

Leadership of the Bureau of Justice Assistance, NIJ, and the Office of Justice Programs are committed to providing seamless support for the programs and our grantees. 

Fiscal Year 2020 Solicitations from BJA

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