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Firearms Examiner Training

Management and Supervisory Responsibilities

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Management and Supervisory Responsibilities

Management and supervisory areas of responsibilities in the laboratory include

  • safety training,
  • personnel protection,
  • physical plant,
  • emergency response preparation.

Safety Training

Test range safety rules
Courtesy of St. Petersburg College Firing Range (see reuse policy).

For the protection of laboratory personnel and the laboratory, new examiners as well as current employees are provided with safety information and training per laboratory protocol that may include the following:

  • Published safety rules distributed to all personnel
  • Posting of all safety rules in all firearms-related areas of the laboratory
  • Firearms-related safety training
  • General forensic training (e.g., biohazards, chemical)
  • General first aid procedures
  • Safe use of power tools and hand tools
  • Use of laboratory equipment

Protection of Personnel

Personal Protective Equipment

Particulate masks
Particulate masks
Courtesy of Tri-Tech Inc., Southport, NC (see reuse policy).

Laboratory safety protocols should provide for the issue of personal protective equipment (PPE) for each employee, and may include

  • eye protection,
  • hearing protection,
  • laboratory coats,
  • protective gloves,
  • particulate masks and filters,
  • face shields,
  • body armor.

Preventive Health Measures

In addition to the use of personal protective equipment, preventive health measures provide additional health protection and may include

  • annual physical examinations,
  • periodic blood testing for lead levels,
  • hearing tests,
  • hepatitis vaccine, as appropriate,
  • annual tuberculosis screening.


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