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Communication Skills, Report Writing, and Courtroom Testimony for Forensic Analysts


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Reporting Guidelines - Miscellaneous



Additional Allelic Activity/Signal


Activity that doesn't meet reporting guidelines (i.e. under the threshold)

  • The DNA results from ___ indicate possible additional allelic activity/signal that does not meet the reporting guidelines and therefore in not reported in the data table.

No testing performed

  • No DNA testing was performed on __.

No DNA profile obtained

  • No DNA profile was obtained from __.

Inconclusive Results

  • The DNA results from ___ were inconclusive at all loci tested.
  • A DNA profile was obtained from __ that consists of Amelogenin only and gives indications of originating from a male/female individual.
  • The potential source of the DNA in ___ could not be determined because the DNA was of insufficient quality or quantity.

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