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Communication Skills, Report Writing, and Courtroom Testimony for Forensic Analysts

Report Writing

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Report Writing
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This module discusses how to report results for STR (Short Tandem Repeats) DNA typing. DNA reports must be written according to Standard 11 in the Quality Assurance Standard for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories.

According to Standard 11.1.2 a DNA report has to include the following:

  • Case identifiers
  • Description of evidence examined
  • Description of methodologies
  • Loci tested
  • Results and/or conclusions
  • An interpretative statement
  • Date issued
  • Disposition of evidence
  • Signature and individual title, or equivalent identification of the person accepting responsibility for the content of the report

A conventional serology report may either be sent out before a DNA report, or in conjunction with a DNA report.

Laboratories accredited by FQS- I or ASCLD/LAB must adhere to the reporting requirements of their accreditation program. This module focuses on the QAS requirements.


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