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To ensure that this program appropriately served its audience, a group of subject matter experts was empaneled to develop and review content, multimedia, and user-interface components. The media contributions of commercial companies and dedicated individuals greatly enhanced the ability to provide the most accurate and comprehensive program content.

Content Authors

William Conrad

John H. Dillon, Jr.

James Hamby

Greg Hill

Ronald Hill

J. Allan Jones

Kathleen Savage

William Tilstone

AFTE Reviewers

Ann Davis

Ronald Nichols

Thomas L. G. Price

Media Contributors

Accurate Reloading AFTE
Alliant Techsystems Inc. American Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners
AMI Machining, Inc Angelo State University, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Armor Forensics Arrowhead Forensics
Ballistics Research Inc. Brand X
Brownells, Inc. Buffalo Bill Historical Center
Cabelas CCI Ammunition
Checkline Charles M. Clow
William Conrad Cyber National Inc.
Ann Davis John H. Dillon Jr.
Dillon Precision Products Scott Doyle
Dvorak Instruments Evident Crime Scene Products
Evolution Gun Works Federal Cartridge Corporation
Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Tampa, FL Firearms ID
Forensic Technology WAI Inc. Forensic Microscopes
Ronnie Freels Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Company, Inc
Luke Haag Mike Haag
Hornaday Manufacturing Inc Indiana State Police
Internation Ammunition Association Allan Jones
Kurzzeit.com Leica Microsystems
Leupold & Stevens Library of Congress
Martini-Henry Nancy D. McCombs
Glenn McKechnie Military Heritage
Missouri State Highway Patrol Motic Instruments Inc.
National Archives National Library of Medicine
Nazarians Guns Recognition Guide Northamptonshire Police Online Museum
Oehler Research PACT
Gary Phillips Pistoleer.com
Jean Plamondon RCMP Firearms Reference
Redding Reloading Equipment S K Hand Tool Corporation
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J. C. Schaefer Skulls Unlimited
Speer Bullets St. Petersburg College Firing Range
STARLIMS Corporation L. S. Starrett Company
Stikkiworks Taurus International Manufacturing
Tri Tech Inc U.S. Department of Energy Human Genome Program
United States Department of Justice Wikipedia