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NIJ FY 07 Solving Cold Cases with DNA

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With this solicitation, NIJ is seeking proposals to search, evaluate, select, and conduct DNA analysis on violent crime “cold cases” (i.e., old, unsolved cases) that have the potential to be solved through DNA testing. Experience has shown that such cold case review programs can solve a substantial number of homicides and rapes. Recent advances have improved the ability of analysts to successfully use DNA from biological evidence that is old, of poor quality, or limited in quantity. These scientific advances, in addition to the availability of searchable convicted offender databases, has increased the likelihood of solving cases previously thought to be unsolvable.


In fiscal 2020, all state and local forensic capacity enhancement programs previously administered by NIJ moved to the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). Any future funding opportunities under this program will be released by BJA. Visit BJA.ojp.gov to learn more about this program and future opportunities.


Number of Awards: 15
Total Amount Awarded: $6,398,538

Date Created: March 29, 2007