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NIJ National Center on Forensics, Fiscal Year 2020

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With this solicitation, NIJ seeks proposals from qualified applicants to establish and operate the NIJ National Center on Forensics to:

  1. Facilitate a partnership amongst:
    • A full-service State department of forensic science with a medical examiner function;
    • An accredited university of higher education with affiliate medical and law schools; and
    • A statewide district attorneys association
  2. For the purpose of:
    • Providing medico-legal learning opportunities for medical students to train as deputy medical examiners/coroners in underserved rural areas;
    • Provide forensic science and legal training to district attorneys, judges, and law enforcement; and
    • Develop opportunities as appropriate amongst the designated partners to benefit current and future practitioners in the field.


Number of Awards: 1
Total Amount Awarded: $2,000,000


Date Modified: April 20, 2020

A typographical error on page 19 was addressed.

Date Modified: April 20, 2020

“Certain qualified individuals” were removed from the types of eligible applicants.

Date Modified: April 24, 2020

On April 21, 2020, NIJ hosted a webinar that provided an overview and discussion of this program. The slides and transcript from this webinar have been added to the end of the solicitation document.

Date Created: March 27, 2020