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Awards: Listing of Funded Projects

Every year, NIJ awards grants and cooperative agreements for research, development, evaluation, testing and training and technical assistance projects across the spectrum of criminal justice.
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State: FL,
District: 3

Number of Awards: 14
Total Amount Awarded: $2,214,342

Funded Awards
FY Sort ascending Title Original Solicitation Recipient State Award Number Amount Status
2017 Enhancing School Resource Officers Effectiveness through Online Professional and Job Embedded Coaching NIJ FY17 Comprehensive School Safety Initiative UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA FL 2017-CK-BX-0019 $990,212 Closed
2015 Skeletal Age Estimation in Modern U.S. Adults: The Effects of Activity, Body Mass, and Osteoarthritis on Age-Related Changes in the Acetabulum NIJ FY 15 Graduate Research Fellowship Program in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics University of Florida Board of Trustees FL 2015-R2-CX-0009 $42,671 Closed
2013 Ocala Police Department Technical Services Section Improvement Program NIJ FY 13 Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program City of Ocala FL 2013-CD-BX-0063 $85,241 Closed
2012 Ocala Police Department Cold Case Homicide Project NIJ FY 12 Solving Cold Cases with DNA City of Ocala FL 2012-DN-BX-K015 $81,939 Closed
2010 Marion County Robbery ICE Unit NIJ FY 10 Solving Cold Cases with DNA Marion County Board of County Commissioners FL 2010-DN-BX-K011 $199,735 Closed
2010 Solving Cold Cases with DNA Analysis NIJ FY 10 Solving Cold Cases with DNA Alachua County FL 2010-DN-BX-K021 $151,270 Closed
2009 Marion County Latent Print Unit Improvement Project NIJ FY 09 Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grant Program Marion County Board of County Commissioners FL 2009-CD-BX-0068 $62,400 Closed
2009 Unpacking the Influence of Neighborhood Context and Antisocial Propensity on Violent Victimization of Children and Adolescents in Chicago NIJ FY 09 ORE Data Resources Program Gibson/unpacking the influence of neighborhood context and a FL 2009-IJ-CX-0041 $36,185 Closed
2008 Crime and Victimization Among Hispanic Adolescents: A Multilevel Longitudinal Study of Acculturation and Segmented Assimilation NIJ FY 07/08 ORE W.E.B. DuBois University of Florida FL 2008-IJ-CX-0003 $74,934 Closed
2008 The Latent Enhancement Initiative NIJ FY 08 Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grant Program City of Gainesville FL 2008-CD-BX-0061 $69,224 Closed
2007 Marion County ICE Unit NIJ FY 07 Solving Cold Cases with DNA Marion County Board of County Commissioners FL 2007-DN-BX-K027 $177,359 Closed
2006 Gainesville Police Department Latent Enhancement Initiative NIJ FY06 Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grant Program Solicitation City of Gainesville FL 2006-DN-BX-0027 $62,146 Closed
2004 Offender Characteristics, Offense Mix, and Escalation in Domestic Violence Data Resources Program 2003: Funding for the Analysis of Existing Data University of Florida FL 2004-IJ-CX-0013 $24,856 Closed
2000 Assessing Error in PMI Prediction Using a Forensic Entomological Computer Model Enhancing DNA ID Capabilities for Reduction of Violent Crime University of Florida FL 2000-RB-CX-0002 $156,170 Closed