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Violence Against Women and Family Violence Program

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The mission of the Violence Against Women and Family Violence Research and Evaluation program is to promote the safety of women and family members, and to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice system's response to these crimes. This mission is being accomplished through the following objectives:

  • Estimating the Scope of the Problem to understand the extent of violence against women and family members; describe the magnitude and characteristics of victimization and perpetration; and assess trends in levels of violence against women and family members over time.
  • Identifying Causes and Consequences to identify the reasons violent behavior against women and within the family occur, and recognize risk and protective factors associated with reducing violence against women and family violence.
  • Evaluating Promising Prevention and Intervention Programs to determine the effectiveness of interventions aimed at decreasing the incidence of violence against women and family members.
  • Communicating to develop the infrastructure for compiling and disseminating research results quickly to the field using the most advanced existing technologies.
  • Partnering to promote and facilitate collaboration, coordination, and cooperation among a wide variety of disciplines in conducting violence against women and family violence research and evaluation.