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How Collaboration Between Researchers and Police Chiefs Can Improve the Quality of Sexual Assault Investigations: A Look at Los Angeles

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Panelists discuss the application of research findings from an NIJ-sponsored study of sexual assault attrition to police practice in Los Angeles. There are three main focal points: (1) the mutual benefits of researcher/practitioner partnerships, (2) the implications of variation in police interpretation of UCR guidelines specific to clearing sexual assault (with an emphasis on cases involving nonstrangers), and (3) the content of specialized training that must be required for patrol officers and detectives who respond to and investigate sex crimes.

Moderator: Bethany Backes, Social Science Analyst, National Institute of Justice|Panelists:|Joanne Archambault, Executive Director, End Violence Against Women|Robert Casey, Chief, Federal Bureau of Investigation|Michel Moore, Director, Office of Special Operations, Los Angeles Police Department|Cassia Spohn, Professor, Arizona State University, Phoenix|Katharine Tellis, Assistant Professor, California State University, Los Angeles

Date Created: March 26, 2014