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Preventing Relationship and Sexual Violence on College Campuses

April 2024

This webinar will discuss implications and recommendations for the prevention of sexual assault, dating violence, and harassment on college campuses in the U.S. based on findings from an NIJ-funded study on Population and Subgroup Differences in Prevalence and Predictors of Campus Sexual Assault (Award No: 2020-VA-CX-0004). Audience members will be invited to participate in a discussion of strategies and considerations for violence prevention on college campuses that target campus-level factors contributing to victimization and perpetration.

NIJ FY24 Domestic Radicalization and Violent Extremism - Invited to Apply

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NIJ seeks an application for funding of rigorous research targeted toward developing a better understanding of the domestic radicalization phenomenon amongst five far-right violent extremist groups and the development of an analytical framework related to risk and protective factors (and combinations thereof) to advance evidence-based strategies for effective intervention and prevention.