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Addressing Violence Against Educators Through Measurement and Research

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Date Published
Linda A. Reddy, Dorothy L. Espelage, Eric M. Anderman, Jaclyn B. Kanrich, Susan D. McMahon
Based on a comprehensive, systematic review of the extant literature (1988 to 2016) on educator safety and victimization, this study recommends a strategy for addressing this issue.
The study found that although the number of studies of this issue has increased significantly over the past decade, only 37 studies in 28 journals were found (49.581 educators and 91,099 students). This report highlights key findings of the literature review, proposes a conceptual framework for the development of a way to measure violence against educators, outlines key variables for the design of educator safety registries, and identifies research priorities. The study concludes that multidimensional teacher safety assessment systems and registries for educator safety and victimization are critical in advancing knowledge of and action related to school safety. (Publisher abstract modified)
Date Created: June 3, 2019