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Controlled Substances and Toxicology

Event Dates
Event Duration
100 minutes

​​These presentations were part of a full-day event presented by NIJ-funded researchers focused on research and technology innovations.

Presentations in the session include:

  • Aptamer-Based, Exonuclease-Amplified, Paper Device for Point of Collection Screening of Cocaine and Methamphetamine in Oral Fluid - Yi Xiao
  • Ambient Sampling, Portable Mass Spectrometers for On-Site Crime Scene Analytics: Christopher Mulligan, Illinois State University
  • State of the DART: New Technology forming New Collaborations in Forensic Chemistry: Jason Shepard, The Research Foundation for SUNY – University at Albany
  • Analysis of Biological Specimens for the Presence of Novel Psychoactive Substances from Attendees at an Electronic Dance Music Festival: Amanda Mohr, The Center for Forensic Science Research and Education

Date Created: April 13, 2016