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Ballistic Resistant Body Armor and the NIJ Mark

The NIJ Compliance Testing Program’s (NIJ CTP) goal is to improve criminal justice practitioners’ confidence about the products they own and about how those products meet applicable requirements and perform as expected. To achieve this goal, the NIJ CTP must evaluate products independently and communicate the evaluation results to practitioners.

Although the NIJ CTP maintains a list of compliant products for practitioners to reference, additional...

Virtual Conference on School Safety - Welcome Message, Overview of CSSI, and a Philadelphia Story

February 2021

On February 16-18, 2021, the National Institute of Justice hosted the Virtual Conference on School Safety: Bridging Research to Practice to Safeguard Our Schools. This video includes a welcome message, an overview of the Comprehensive School Safety Initiative and School Safety Research at NIJ, and the presentation on "A Philadelphia Story: Innovating and Improving in a Large Urban District," by Abigail Gray and Kevin Bethel, School District of Philadelphia.

How to Complete the NIJ Programmatic Cover Sheet

Applicant Name: Enter the name of the applicant/entity applying for NIJ funds. If you are a subcontractor/subrecipient, fill out the name of the subcontracted/subrecipient agency/lab/entity applying for funds from the prime applicant.

Point of Contact Name: Enter POC Name (this can either be the POC listed in the application, the person overseeing the work, or the person filling out the NIJ Grants Program Checklist approved...

Situational Approaches to Making Communities and Correction Institutions Safer

June 2010

NIJ Conference panelists will present the results of three studies that applied situational crime prevention (SCP) principles: (1) an evaluation of the Safe City initiative in Chula Vista, Calif., designed to combine the expertise and resources of local law enforcement, retailers and the community to increase the safety of designated retail areas; (2) a randomized controlled trial (in partnership with the Washington Metro Transit Police) that assessed the effectiveness of SCP to reduce car crime in Metro's parking facilities; and (3) an evaluation of the impact of SCP on pr

Using License Plate Readers to Fight Crime

June 2010

This is a joint panel of NIJ's Office of Research and Evaluation (ORE ) and Office of Science and Technology (OST). Panelists will discuss the latest efforts to implement license plate reader technology into policing operations. OST grantees will explain various aspects of the technology and an ORE grantee from the National Opinion Research Center will present findings from a study on the use of license plate readers to combat auto theft in Arizona.

Director's Message: Bridging the Sciences to Support Cutting-Edge Research — NIJ’s Partnership With the National Science Foundation

This partnership serves as a catalyst to identify cutting-edge areas of research in the area of crime and criminal justice.

At NIJ, we are dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that our agency is only one of several important organizations on the cutting edge of social, technological, and forensic sciences. Therefore, partnerships and collaborations with other federal and nonfederal entities are at the...