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Street Gang Migration in the United States

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226 pages
This research, based a national sample of affected cities and information derived from law enforcement, community informants, and gang members, investigates the nature and scope of gang migration, assesses the impact of gang migration on destination cities, and describes law enforcement and community agency responses to gang migration.
Data suggest gang migration is not a monolithic phenomenon but instead takes on a variety of forms that produce different impacts on destination cities. Gang migration patterns are identified, and law enforcement strategies aimed at reducing the volume and negative impact of gang migration are examined. Interviews with community agency respondents provide an interesting contrast to law enforcement perspectives on the nature of local gang migration. Case studies of three cities (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Napa and Lawndale, California) document contrasting features of gang migration and portray a range of responses to gang migration patterns. In addition, characteristics of gang migrants and their impact on local communities are assessed. Implications of the findings for program and policy development are discussed. Appendixes contain additional information on the study methodology and study instruments. 18 exhibits

Date Published: January 1, 1995