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Rapid Microfluidic Human Specific DNA Quantitation

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September 2010
33 pages
This research project developed a human-specific DNA quantitation module for incorporation into NetBio's fully integrated microfluidic instrument and biochip, which are in development.
The project described in this report is part of NetBio's application of microfluidic technology for the purpose of developing an STR analysis instrument that will perform DNA purification, multiplexed PCR amplification, and electrophoretic separation and detection. This fully integrated biochip and instrument will generate STR profiles in 45 minutes without user intervention. The research described in the current report consisted of three elements: the selection and optimization of a DNA quantitation assay; the design and development of instrumentation and microfluidic biochip of DNA quantitation; and the testing of the microfluidic quantitation system using forensic samples. The implementation of this research led to the development of microfluidic biochip endpoint PCR assays. They were evaluated based on assay performance - including time to completion, sensitivity, reproducibility, and dynamic range - ease of implementation in a microfluidic format, and costs. These results constitute a significant step in the development of a fully integrated STR instrument that can have widespread use in forensic laboratories. The microfluidic DNA quantitation system will be easy to operate and compatible with both forensic and microfluidic requirements. The dissemination strategy for the research results is described. 12 figures, 1 table, and 38 references
Date Published: September 1, 2010