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Driving Down Gun Violence (Part One)

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May 2023

This Just Science Podcast episode is a discussion among several Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science Scholars, about their experiences with identifying and implementing evidence-based interventions to reduce gun violence.


This episode of Just Science Podcast is hosted by Dr. Tamara Herold, and features three guests: Police Chief Cecilia Ashe, of Milford Delaware Police Department; Chief of Staff Lieutenant Matthew Barter, of Manchester, New Hampshire Police Department; and Analytical Services Manager, Mr. Jason Schiess, of Durham, North Caroline Police Department. The guests discuss their involvement in Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science (LEADS), which is a program designed to increase the research capabilities of law enforcement professionals and agencies. The group discusses the increase in gun violence that started in many jurisdictions in 2021, and the response in Wilmington, Delaware, which entailed an evidence-based strategy known as group violence intervention, or focused deterrence, and include tools such as social media analysis. The podcasters discuss challenges involved in measuring crime problems and determining whether interventions work or not. They also discuss Operation Bull’s Eye, a multi-year operation initiated in Durham, which was place-based, so it focuses on the specific places where crime tends to concentrate over time.

Date Published: May 1, 2023