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Successful Onboarding in Crime Laboratories

ASCLD Train the Director Webinar Series
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1 hour

Onboarding involves integrating a new employee into your organization.  Also known as organizational socialization, onboarding is an important process that sometimes becomes an afterthought in the rush to start a new employee.  It’s important to engage employees quickly so they can become productive members of the organization as soon as possible.  Many times, the bulk of onboarding new crime lab employees falls on supervisors and managers that may not have a background in human resources.  

In this webinar, the presenter will cover key components of successful onboarding in a crime lab, including setting employee expectations and making the employee feel like part of the team.  The presenter will go over an onboarding checklist so you can devise one that suits your agency’s needs.  Lastly, the presenter will discuss how successful onboarding can get the new employee “fired up” and increase employee engagement overall.   

Date Created: November 19, 2020