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Forensic Biology/DNA: Presentations from the 2018 NIJ Forensic Science R&D Symposium

Event Dates

The 2018 NIJ Forensic Science R&D Symposium featured a full day of forensic scientific sessions. The FTCoE and NIJ hosted 16 separate Forensic R&D presentations during the event.

This Symposium was recorded in its entirety at the time of the Live event in order to capture the one on one interaction with the presenter. This archive includes:

  • Multi-Locus Match Probability Dependencies - Bruce Weir: University of Washington
  • Record Linkage of CODIS Profiles with SNP Genotypes - Michael D. Edge: Stanford University
  • Microhaplotypes Analyzed by Massively Parallel Sequencing Are Valuable Forensic Tools - Kenneth Kidd: Yale University
  • Production of High-Fidelity Electropherograms Results in Improved and Consistent Match-Statistics: Standardizing Forensic Validation by Coupling Laboratory Specific Experimental Data with an In Silico DNA Pipeline - Catherine Grgicak: Boston University

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Date Created: March 5, 2018