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Emerging Research in Toxicology and Drugs

Event Dates
Event Duration
90 minutes

Research and Presentation topics will include the following:

– Development and validation of a novel blood protein modification assay for retrospective detection of drug exposure | Anthony DeCaprio, PhD

– Retrospective identification of synthetic cannabinoids using archived high resolution mass spectrometry data | Amanda Mohr, MS

– Development of matrix matched quality control materials and sample preparation techniques for the analysis of marijuana infused products | Carl Wolf, PhD

– Coupling Raman spectroscopy with ambient sampling, portable mass spectrometry for on-site, high-throughput evidence confirmation | Christopher Mulligan, PhD

Detailed Learning Objectives:

1) An overview of three NIJ-supported emerging research projects in toxicology and controlled substances and their progress

2) Potential impact of these research projects to the forensic community

3) Discussion of next steps and transition of this research into the forensic community

Date Created: September 23, 2019