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Emerging Forensic Science Research: Forensic Chemistry

Event Dates
All times are Eastern Time unless noted otherwise.
Event Duration
90 minutes

In this installment of the Emerging Research series, four researchers will present their current research in the forensic chemistry discipline. Dr. Frederique Deiss will present on electrochemical paper-based sensors for the trace detection of explosive compounds at a crime scene. Next, we will have Dr. John Goodpaster presenting on Coupling Gas Chromatography (GC) and Vacuum Ultraviolet (VUV) spectroscopy for forensic applications. We will also have Dr. Igor Lednev present his research on the Raman spectroscopy methods for analyzing body fluid traces, and our final presenter will be Dr. Christopher Palenik discuss the development of an objective approach for the characterization and interpretation of paint evidence by SEM/EDS.

Detailed Learning Objectives:

  1. An overview of three NIJ-supported emerging research projects in the forensic chemistry discipline and their progress
  2. Potential impact of these research projects to the forensic community
  3. Discussion of next steps and transition of this research into the forensic community.


Event Type
Event Option(s)
Online, On demand
NIJ Forensic Technology Center of Excellence
Registration Status
​Free and open to all.
Date Created: April 29, 2019