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Booker and Beyond Analyzing Sentencing Reform and Exploring New Research Directions

January 2022

This webinar features a discussion of previously published research on the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2005 Booker decision - which effectively transformed the United States Sentencing Guidelines from a mandatory, to an advisory, system. The presentation will address selected research findings from the last 15 years. Individual participants will briefly review their previous research findings with particular attention paid to the analytic methods used.

Declining Crime and Our National Research Agenda: A New Yorker's View

Inaugural Lecture
The Jack and Lewis Rudin Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program

Good Afternoon:

I thank you for the invitation to speak with you this afternoon and thank Dr. Gerald Lynch for arranging this impressive gathering. I am especially honored to be presenting the inaugural lecture of the Jack and Lewis Rudin Distinguished Visiting Scholar Program. The Rudin family is synonymous with civic commitment to the...