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Webinar: Using Brief Interventions To Prevent Teen Dating Violence

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April 2018
18 pages
This webinar video and its audio transcript document presentations and a moderated discussion among researchers about the promise of brief interventions to reduce teen dating violence across multiple settings with high-risk populations.
The participants are researchers who have been involved in interventions that have been evaluated through research at the U.S. Justice Department's National institute of Justice (NIJ). The first half of the webinar features presentations from the five participating researchers, who have been involved in such brief interventions they have developed, delivered, and evaluated. Dr. Emily Rothman and Ms. Sarah DeCosta focus on the "Real Talk" intervention, which is a brief motivational interview intervention designed to stop dating abuse by youth ages 15-19 years old. It has been tested by a randomized controlled trial in adolescent health-care settings. Dr. Elizabeth Miller and Ms. Janice Goldsborough address universal screening, warm transfers, and reasons patients do not seek or accept assistance. Ms. Lisa James describes a type of brief intervention and its impact in the health care/clinical setting. The second half of the webinar consists of a moderated discussion with all the panelists, followed by a participant question-and-answer session. The moderator, Carrie Mulford, is a social science analyst at NIJ, who has focused on the issue of teen dating violence since 2005 and related research funded by NIJ.

Date Published: April 1, 2018