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TECHBeat, September 2018

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September 2018
10 pages

Feature articles in this issue include the profile of a tool that can compare the costs and benefits of 3D crime-scene scanning compared to 2D scans for a particular agency, the features of an online workshop series on the synthetic drug epidemic, the features of a leadership series on challenges in the forensics field, topics addressed in an international child kidnapping guide for law enforcement, a report on the police response to homelessness, and the regular TECHBeat section on "Public Safety Technology in the News."


"Cost/Benefit Analysis Tool Helps Agencies Decide '2D' or '3D' " reports on a project that developed an agency-specific tool that can determine whether a particular law enforcement agency would save money in the long run by purchasing a 3D crime-scene scanner compared to a 2D scanner. "FTCoE Online Workshop Series Focuses on Synthetic Drug Epidemic" describes the features of "Best Practices Guidance for Advancing Research Initiatives and Combating the Synthetic Drug Epidemic," which is a three-part online workshop series produced by the National Institute of Justice's Forensic Technology Center of Excellence (FTCoE). Those who could not attend the online webinar series when it was presented live are given online archival access in this article. "Leadership Series Addresses Challenges in the Forensics Field" provides readers online access to a 12-module series that introduces leadership concepts relevant to the work of forensic scientists. "International Child Kidnapping Guide for Law Enforcement" profiles and provides access to a guide that describes law enforcement's role as initial responders to this offense, with attention to applicable laws and legal remedies for child recovery and reunification, as well as considerations for criminal prosecution and extradition of offenders. "Report: Police Response to Homelessness" reviews and provides online access to a report that discusses law enforcement agencies' responses to homelessness in their communities.

Date Published: September 1, 2018