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National Research Conference 2023

From Evidence to Action: Harnessing Research to Promote Safety & Justice

Registration is closed

Registration has closed for general attendance. We look forward to seeing everyone who has registered.


NIJ is hosting a three-day, in-person conference from May 23-25, 2023, in Arlington, Virginia. Registration is free and open to all.

The theme of NIJ’s  Research Conference is “evidence to action,” and our goal is to bring researchers and practitioners together to learn about the latest research evidence and how it can be implemented to promote safety, equity, and justice.

Conference participants will be exposed to a wide array of topics, including youth mentoring, officer wellness, school safety, forensics, technology evaluation, and strategies to engage in more inclusive research processes. Attendees will also learn how to find, apply for, and manage NIJ grant awards.

We look forward to welcoming researchers, practitioners, policymakers, graduate students, advocates, and anyone interested in how research can enhance public safety, equity, and justice.

Learn how the conference will address issues in the following fields:

Date Created: January 19, 2023