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State and Local Law Enforcement Response to Transnational Crime

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Date Published
March 2005
172 pages
This report was developed to identify and provide guidance on the development of tools and strategies to help advance the capacities of State and local law enforcement to identify and respond to transnational crime.
The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) sponsored a national survey of law enforcement practitioners to examine the extent of the transnational crime problem from the perspective of State and local law enforcement, the local resources devoted to transnational crime, perceptions of resource needs, and the extent of cooperation among local, State, Federal, and foreign law enforcement organizations. This report, using the results of the survey and new research, identifies some next steps to providing State and local law enforcement with tools to identify and respond to transnational crime. The report is divided into five sections. The first section presents an overview of the project, describing the research questions and major tasks of the project. The second section is a literature review of the current state of the field in identifying and responding to transnational crime at the State and local level. This section provides a context for the interpretation of the results of this study. The third section discusses the methods used in this study for each of the four data sources and presents the main findings for these four sources, while the fourth section examines each of the main study questions in relation to the study results and prior literature. The fifth section of the report presents recommendations and conclusions from the project, and directions for future research in this area. The full results for each of the data sources are contained in four separate self-contained reports presented in Appendix B. References, 3 appendixes

Date Published: March 1, 2005